PhD, Anthropology, Temple University, Dissertation: Life is Prickly: Narrating History, Belonging, and Common Place in Bor, South Sudan, degree completed 2013

Critical Language Scholarship for study of Arabic in Cairo, Egypt, awarded 2007

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology/Archaeology, University of Pittsburgh, degree completed 2001

Archaeological Field School in Rantidi, Cyprus, University of Indianapolis, 1999


Senior Research Advisor
Silver Spring MD, 09/2020 – present

Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Advisor
Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), USAID
Washington DC, 10/2020 – 09/2022

Research Director
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Unit, Forcier
Juba, South Sudan, 05/2017 – 05/2020

Country Director (Sudan & South Sudan)
Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
Juba, South Sudan, 12/2013 – 12/2015

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I worked for a number of years as an archaeologist before beginning research in South Sudan: Phase I, II, and III, Paleo- to 20th-century in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (Cultural Heritage Research Services, 2007), Phase II and III, Archaic to Historic, mainly Woodland to Mississippian (The Illinois State Archaeological Survey, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, American Bottom Field Station, 2004-2006), Phase I, II, and III, Paleo to 20th century in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey (Skelly & Loy, 2001-2002)

I've also worked as a Refugee Caseworker (Lutheran Children and Family Services, 2006) and an Ecological Restoration Technician (Munro Ecological Services, 2003)


Research Associate, Center for Human Environments, Children's Environments Research Group, City University of New York (CUNY), January 2017 – present


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  1. UNICEF South Sudan Country Course (Rift Valley Institute, Juba), taught 2018

  2. Contemporary Perspectives , Jefferson University (Philadelphia University & Thomas Jefferson University), taught 2017

  3. Comparative Studies in Cultures and Transformation , Brooklyn College of the City University of New York (CUNY), taught 2016

  4. The American Urban Experience: Anthropological Perspectives , Brooklyn College of the City University of New York (CUNY), taught 2016

  5. Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity Lafayette College (Easton, PA), taught 2012

  6. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (four field) , Temple University, Montgomery County Community College, & Mercer County Community College, taught 2011, 2008

  7. World Cultures and Regions , Temple University, teaching assistant, 2007

  8. Beginning and Intermediate English for Speakers of Other Languages , International Institute (St. Louis, MO), taught 2002, 2003

Grants, Fellowships, Awards

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council, ‘Exploring Resilience in South Sudan through an Arts Based Curriculum’ (co-PIs: Brendan Tuttle, Elfatih Atem, and Tamsin Bradley), awarded 2019

  • British Academy Sustainable Development Programme, ‘Art Heritage, Resilience and Humanitarianism in South Sudan’ (co-author), awarded 2018

  • Wenner-Gren Foundation, Engaged Anthropology Grant, ‘New Histories for a New South Sudan: A Public Anthropology Project,’ awarded 2014

  • Center for the Humanities at Temple Advanced Graduate Scholar Fellowship, awarded 2013

  • Sudan Studies Association, Graduate Student Travel Grant, awarded 2012

  • Temple University, Graduate Student Travel Grant, awarded 2012

  • Wenner-Gren Foundation, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, awarded 2009

Paper Presentations

  • “Memories across generations.” Mediations of the Past: Discussions on Memory and Memorialisation Practices in South Sudan. Catholic University of South Sudan, Institute for Justice and Peace Studies. (April, 2018, Juba, Catholic University)

  • “Themes in the New Ethnography of South Sudan.” Insider/Outsider: Anthropological Reflections on the Continued Relevance of Rainmakers in South Sudan. Catholic University of South Sudan, Institute for Justice and Peace Studies. (November, 2017, Juba, Catholic University)

  • “A Trip to the Zoo: Nuer Tourists in Khartoum, August 1933.” Sudan Studies Association annual meeting. (May 2015, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis)

  • The Giraffe, the Star, and the Contradictions of Everyday Life.” African Studies Association annual meeting. (November, 2013, Baltimore)

  • “Heavy Words: ‘Tying Speech’ and Jokes in Bor, South Sudan.” Sudan Studies Association annual meeting. (May 2013, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

  • “History and Shifting Political Space in Bor Country, South Sudan.” Annual Mid-Atlantic Division Conference of the American Association of Geographers. (November 2012, Salisbury University)

  • “Everyday Places of Security: Place, Marriage, and Negotiation in Bor, South Sudan.” Sudan Studies Association meetings. (May 2012, Arizona State University)

  • “Where is the Southern Sudanese Diaspora? The Political Economy of Ideologies of Return and Achieved Indigenousness in South Sudan and Philadelphia.” Co-authored with Mandela A.P. Mel. Global Temple Conference. (November 2008, Temple University)

  • “The Perils of Maturity: Suspicion and Moral Complexity among South Sudanese in Philadelphia.” Emerging Perspectives on Children in Migratory Circumstances, organized by Rachel Reynolds and Cati Coe. (Drexel University, June 20-22, 2008)

Professional Memberships & Participation

  • Society for the Study of the Sudans UK
  • Sudan Studies Association